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Sutton New Secondary School

In March 2014, with the support of the Partnership of Sutton Secondary Schools, the Greenshaw Trust agreed to put itself forward as the sponsor of a new secondary school to meet the projected need for school places in Sutton. 
In September 2014, the Trust submitted a formal application to the Department for Education (DfE) to open a new secondary school in Sutton, and received approval from the DfE in May 2015. For details of that original approval please click here.

The  Greenshaw Learning Trust's new school will be a community school open to all local children, offering a broad curriculum and including a sixth form. It will ultimately take 1450 students and operate as part of the Greenshaw family of schools.

The funding to build the new school will come from the Department for Education's 'Free School' budget, and once the school is open it will be run and funded exactly the same way as any other academy school.

In November 2014, Sutton Council identified two possible locations for a new secondary school – at the Sutton Hospital site and at the disused All Weather Pitch at Rosehill Recreation Ground. In May 2015 the Council published feasibility reports for both sites. The Trust issued this statement on 12th May 2015.

In June 2015, the Department for Education announced that their preferred site for the proposed new secondary school was the Rosehill All Weather Pitch (AWP). The Trust issued this statement on 26th June 2015.

On 18 September, Sutton Council's lead member for education issued a statement saying that the Council will not agree to the use of the disused All Weather Pitch at Rosehill Recreation Ground for a new secondary school  in Sutton. You can read the Trust's response made on 21st September here.

The Greenshaw Learning Trust considered the practicalities of building the proposed school on either of the two sites and studied the Council's feasibility reports - you can see a summary concerning both sites here.

On 23 October 2015, the Trust advised Sutton Council and the Department for Education that the land the Council had bought on part of the Sutton Hospital site would not accommodate the proposed new school and would not provide the quality of education the Trust wants to offer to future generations of students. Read the full statement here.

On 5 February 2016, the Trust gained approval by the Department for Education to establish a new provision for secondary age students with Education Health Care Plans (EHCPs) relating to moderate ASD. The proposal was drawn up in collaboration with Sutton Council. Whilst it has been designated by the DfE as a Free School and as a distinct Special School, the ASD school will be co-located with the secondary school, so that, whilst retaining their own distinct identity, they can benefit from sharing facilities and resources. Find out more here. Read the full statement here.

On 7 November 2016, Sutton Liberal Democrats announced that the Rosehill Recreation Ground in Sutton is the only option for locating the second new secondary school that the Borough needs. You can read the Trust’s response here.

On 6 December 2016, Sutton Council’s Housing, Economy and Business Committee approved the draft Local Plan that confirms the need for a second new secondary school in the borough and identifies the All Weather Pitch and part of the Sports Village at Rosehill for its location.

The Greenshaw Learning Trust welcomed this announcement, as they had previously concluded that the Rosehill site offers the best available site in the borough for the new secondary school that the Trust has DfE approval for. You can read the Trust’s statement here.


On 17 July 2017, Sutton Council’s Strategy and Resources Committee approved the principle of the new secondary school and ASD school being built on the disused All Weather Pitch and a small part of the Sports Village at Rosehill Recreation Ground.
Mike Cooper, Chair of the Greenshaw Learning Trust, said: “We are pleased that the council has approved the principle of locating the new secondary school and ASD base at Rosehill Rec. We believe this site is the best location for the second new secondary school the Borough needs. It is a good location for the proposed new school, which can be built with minimal impact on the open parkland. The school and its students would benefit from close cooperation with the adjacent Sports Village and use of the recreation ground, which would continue to be open to the public.”
Read the Trust’s full statement here.
The Greenshaw Learning Trust is working with the DfE’s Education Funding Agency (EFA) and Greenwich Leisure Limited (GLL), operators of the Sports Village, to bring forward proposals to establish their new secondary school on the Rosehill Rec. site. 
The proposals will be dependent on planning permission being granted and the necessary agreements being concluded between the Trust, the EFA, GLL and Sutton Council. Residents, recreation ground and sports village users and other interested groups will be informed and consulted throughout the process.

We will provide more information and updates as we are able to.

If you would like to receive regular updates and information as we develop the proposals for the new school, please enter your details here.

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