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Sutton New Primary School

The Greenshaw Learning Trust is seeking approval from the Department for Education to establish a new primary school in Sutton.

The Trust’s proposed new primary school will serve the local community and help to provide the school places that will be needed by children in the central Sutton area in the coming years. It will be a two-form entry school with 60 places in Reception.

The proposed school will both benefit from and contribute to close collaboration with the Trust’s other local schools – Greenshaw, Green Wrythe, Victor Seymour and Tweeddale – and with the new secondary school and ASD special school that the Trust has Department for Education (DfE) approval to open in Sutton.

If you wish to express your support for our proposed new primary school, or be kept updated on our progress, please complete this form.

Sutton Council has identified the need for additional primary school places in Sutton in the next few years, over and above the current expansion of local primary schools.

In 2016, the Trust drew up detailed plans for its new school and gained the support of local parents and Sutton Council. You can download a leaflet about our original proposal here.

The Trust submitted proposals to the  Department for Education (DfE) for Free School funding to build the new school and attended interviews to explain their plans. Once built, the school will be funded in exactly the same way, follow the same regulations, and serve its local community and take local children in the same way as other state-funded primary schools.

In March 2017 the DfE told the Trust that the strengths of its application included:

  • The clear vision for the free school detailed throughout the application and during interview.
  • The proposed curriculum model would be broad, balanced and innovative.
  • The targets proposed would stretch and challenge pupils.
  • The expertise and capacity demonstrated by individuals involved within the trust.

However, due to the limited funding available, the DfE is not taking the application further at this stage.

The proposal is not specific to an identified location, and if it is approved the Trust will work with the DfE’s Education Funding Agency and Sutton Council to find a suitable site.

Support our plans and find out more below.

About our new primary school

Our vision

Education at our new Sutton primary school will influence lives positively, both in the here and now, and later, in secondary school and in adult life. 

Pupils will enjoy coming to school and will believe in their capacity for growth.  They can achieve more and more as they move through their schooling and it is our responsibility to provide the teaching and coaching to develop their aspirations, achievements and self-confidence.  We will provide education that is a life-changing experience.

We aim to create a distinctive and demanding curriculum that will promote personal growth and open up opportunities to participate in the wider world and to learn about other cultures and languages.


Our school will provide education based on the following principles:

  • High aspirations and academic excellence; we will have high expectations of pupils and staff, set challenging targets and will support children in their work towards them.
  • A demanding curriculum, following the national curriculum to provide a broad, strong foundation for future learning.
  • Language learning to promote self-confidence, powers of expression and understanding of other countries, peoples and cultures.
  • Engagement with families and the community, with frequent contact with parents to discuss their child’s progress.
  • Personal development and positive relationships, so our children become confident and well-informed, with creative and enquiring minds.
  • Valuing every pupil, treating them with respect and kindness, and helping them to become self-aware, self-disciplined and respectful of others.
  • Excellent behaviour and attendance, setting rigorous targets, recognising achievement and working closely with parents.
  • We believe intelligence, ability and potential can grow in all children and we will nurture them to become resilient, independent learners.
  • Inclusion; in all areas of our school, all children will feel happy, safe and valued as individuals and we will provide for the full range of learning needs present in every classroom.

Distinguishing features

There will be an extended day for KS1 and KS2 pupils from Monday to Thursday. Participation will be compulsory, with a choice of enrichment activities. We will offer evening and Saturday parent workshops and family learning sessions. There will be a programme of pupil catch-up and extension challenge sessions on Saturdays and during school holidays.

Recognising the importance of English, science and maths as subjects in their own right and as keys to learning in other subject areas, specialists from the Trust’s  schools will advise on teaching the KS2 primary curriculum in these areas.

A key feature of our curriculum will be the teaching of a modern foreign language. Children will learn French initially through play and singing; as they progress through the school they will be taught aspects of an increasing number of curriculum areas in French. We aim to encourage more of our young people to include the study of foreign language in their further or higher education and to sow the seeds of their use of another language in their careers.

We will also offer wrap-around care, with before and after school clubs to help working parents who wish to access our provision.

Support our plans and find out more

We would welcome your support for our plans to open a new primary school in Sutton.

If you wish to express your support for our proposed new primary school or be kept updated on our progress, please complete this form.